Sophisticated solutions that meet your specific needs.

We offer state-of-the-art tools and methods to discover predictive insights into potential impacts to your maintenance, engineering, and flight operations and to help deliver 24/7, round-the-world support.

  • AerData
    AerData digitalises all information and provides integrated software solutions for lease management, engine fleet planning and records management. This allows quick easy access to tail-specific maintenance information and reduces warehouse space usage.
  • Airplane Health Management (AHM)
    AHM is a real-time decision support tool that allows you to make better and faster data-driven maintenance decisions. AHM converts airplane data into actionable information by leveraging Boeing’s deep engineering knowledge and in-service fleet experience.
  • Toolbox
    This is an online system that provides up-to-date fleet maintenance information using intelligent documents and visual navigation methods. This provides a quicker way to access required documents and allows for a faster reaction time for aircraft issues.